Eugene T. Moore School of Education Graduate Student Travel Grants

The Eugene T. Moore School of Education strives to support the scholarly activity of enrolled graduate students. As such, for this academic year we have allocated a certain amount for funding travel grants to present at professional and scholarly meetings and conferences. Students must submit a request that describes their role at the professional meeting. In addition, verification of the presentation acceptance must be included along with a link to the conference. Sharing expenses among students attending the same conference is always encouraged. Additional information demonstrating a coordinated effort among students attending the same conference, when possible, would be helpful in the request. Priority will be given to full-time doctoral students presenting at national conferences. Students should be listed as the first or second presenter. Other requests will be considered if the student can illustrate significant involvement with the professional association. Students are eligible to make additional requests for funding presentation opportunities at other conferences. Additional amounts would be dependent on demand. For all requests, the following factors will be considered: 1) other sources of funding available to the student, 2) type of presentation being made at the professional association (e.g., research, poster, instructional, etc.), and 3) scope/reputation of the professional meeting. In general the following amounts will be targets for allocation dependent upon availability of funds and expected conference expenses: Master's Degree Programs - $200 (in-state); $350 (out-of-state) Doctoral Degree Programs - $200 (in-state); $500 (out-of-state)
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