Residential Life Pet Registration Form

* Only small, naturally caged (aquarium sized container 10-15 gallons), non-dangerous pets are allowed in college housing. "Small" is defined as less than two pounds in weight. * Animals are not allowed to roam freely in public areas and all pets must be kept on the owner's room. All pets must be contained within a cage or tank that prohibits their free movement in the room. * The owner will be held accountable for the animal's presence in the community and any damages caused by the animal. * Roommates/suitemates must consent to the presence of a pet. * All pets must have their current shots and vaccinations, and not pose any health risk. * Any strong or unpleasant odor resulting from the pet is not acceptable. * Residence Hall Directors have the authority to require the removal of pets if a problem occurs. * Pets that are acceptable are: fish, gerbils, hamsters, hedgehogs, and small lizards (i.e. salamanders, chameleons). * Pets that are not acceptable include but are not limited to: birds, cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, rats, and snakes. These pets are unacceptable due to issues involving noise, size of pet, smell, danger, or considered a pest control problem. * All pets must be registered with the Residential Life via the on-line Pet Registration Form.
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