Brownstone Event Registration Form

You must submit this form to the Office of Residential Programs-Fraternity & Sorority Life at least 5 days prior to your event. YOUR SUBMISSION IS TIME STAMPED-NO EXCEPTIONS! Your party is not registered until you have received confirmation from the Office of Residential Programs-Fraternity & Sorority Life . ONLY organizations meeting all of the criteria below may use this form to register social events. 1. Fraternity/Sorority with Full Recognition from the Office of Residential Programs-Fraternity & Sorority Life 2. Fraternity/Sorority that is a member of and in good standing with the Interfraternity / Panhellenic Council 3. Fraternity/Sorority in good standing with the Greek Judicial Board 4. Fraternity/Sorority occupying a brownstone and hosting the event in this facility
* Required


Organization(s) hosting the event and contact person(s). Co-sponsorship may only be with another recognized organization of Residential Programs-Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Event Information

Risk Management Information

Alcohol units may be any of the following: 12oz. containers of beer and/or 5oz. glasses of wine/champagne. See Social Events Handbook for typical Alcohol by Volume (ABV) percentages.

Event Monitors

Monitors must have participated in Event Training.

Competency Plan

This plan should include the following: (a) Crisis Management Plan (b) Event Monitor duties (c) Management of occupancy (d) Minimize noise (e) Management of sidewalks/stoop (f) What type of non-alcoholic beverages and food will be available

Statement of Understanding


Never submit passwords through Google Forms.