BYU-Idaho IDEA Pitch Competition Application

Eligibility Guidelines: 1. Bring 1 copy of your Idea pitch written summary to the competition 2. Currently enrolled as a student at BYU-IDAHO 3. At least 40 entries must be received in order for the competition to be held. If less than 40 entries are received then the competition may be canceled. 4. All participants are required to have completed at least one session at the Presentation Practice Center in SMI 368 ON or BEFORE June 25, 2013. They will record your presentation and that will be used for a screening process at Tech Launch. Sign up for an appointment online at 5. Apply via this online application by June 25, 2013. 6. Competition will be held June 27, 2013 from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Taylor Cultural Hall
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Business Information

IDEA PITCH WRITTEN SUMMARY FORMAT: The Summary is limited to 1 single spaced page, fonts may be no smaller than 12 point and all margins must be no smaller than 1 inch. For the Idea Pitch competition, you should focus on the business idea (graphics, pictures, diagrams, etc. are not required). Word documents or PDF are preferred in black and white format. Include the following items in your Idea Pitch Summary (use each as a section or paragraph heading): 1. Company Name: 2. Brief Idea Summary: 2-3 sentence summary of your idea, and market. This short explanation is sometimes referred to as an idea pitch, testing your ability to explain your concept in the time that it would take to travel up 10-15 floors in an idea. You should also include the following: a. Business Concept and Model: What are you proposing to sell or what service will you provide? How? Where does your revenue come from? How will you make a profit? b. Market / Customers: Define your market. To whom will you sell? Why will they buy? What problems does it solve? Is it an evolutionary or revolutionary idea? c. Competitive Advantage / Differentiation: Why are your ideas better than the competition? How do you intend to differentiate your company from the competition? What distinctive competence do you possess? How will you sustain your advantage?

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