Spark! Art Share Opinion Survey

The purpose of this survey is to understand consumer preferences and inform the development of the Spark! Art Share. Please read about how the share works, and respond to a few questions about your preferences as a prospective customer. A Spark! Art Share will provide you with beautiful, handmade art and craft items throughout the year. Its a great way to give your ongoing support to local art and the local creative economy. With 3 different share levels and prices, and the option for pick-up or shipping, the share is versatile, fun and something to feel good about! The nuts and bolts of the share: -Members commit to pay a for a year's share. This year shares were Petite $400, Standard $1000, Grande $2500. The more expensive shares get larger and more valuable pieces. -Members receive artwork and fine crafts from a variety of local artists. This year we distributed shares monthly. -Members can pick up their share at a designated location or have it mailed. This year's pickup was at Food for Thought Books in Amherst. -Members benefit by collecting art and handmade items for themselves, their homes, and to use as gifts. -Members also get to meet the artists at the pickup sites. Meeting the artist can be a really nice way to connect, ask questions (or compliment!) and reinforce the commitment given by providing a secure source of income for Spark! artists. For more detailed information visit
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