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Thanks for dropping by, my name is Mark. I am a wholesaler who specializes in finding and negotiating great deals on investment properties and then I send those deals to other investors. Most of my properties are currently in Rochester, NY (one of the best rental markets in the country!) but I have recently opened up my networks in other states. -If you like to buy-and-hold, I have 10-50% CAP Rates on turnkey rental properties that are already generating positive monthly cash flow. -If you're a fix-and-flipper, I offer properties at 20-80% below the fair market value. Some need major rehab while others just need lipstick and a little TLC. -If you like and understand terms deals, I have subject-to, lease-options, and land contracts where you can simply assume my position. These allow you to get into properties without a huge capital outlay or having to go to banks. I offer my properties to my VIP buyers before I publicly advertise or put them on my website. If you're looking to build your portfolio, then take a minute to tell me what you're looking for. Chances are I already have it available. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you. Best to you, Mark
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