The weird call

Let's add some verbal interaction to the ideas in We Are All Weird... Thanks for your support of my work. On Monday, October 3rd at 11 am New York time, I'll be hosting a 90 minute teleconference to talk about the ideas in the book. It will start with a short overview from me about my thoughts on the book, but then we'll shift gears and engage in a Q&A session and get quite specific about how the ideas in the book relate to you and your work. The cost to attend is your purchase of at least six copies of Weird (in any language) from Amazon. The paper edition only, since that's the one that's easy to hand to a colleague. Use this form, answer a few questions and I'll get you the details for the conference on the next page after you submit this form. I'm afraid I won't be able to actively support the sign up process other than this form and the note on the next page. Thanks again for your support, and please share those nine books...
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