Dear Purchasing Professional, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) is among the leading business schools worldwide and hosts the EADS-SMI Endowed Chair for Sourcing and Supply Management. The Chair is one of the very few Academic Institutions engaged in studies on Purchasing Function. This study is being carried out in cooperation and active involvement of three reputed academic and professional organisations viz. IIM Bangalore, Supply Chain Management Institute (SMI), Germany, a specialized Centre of the EBS Business School dedicated to carry out global research, education and training network for Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and the Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM), a National Apex body representing professionals engaged in various facets of Material Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management. The following study is part of one of the largest organizational research projects in purchasing and supply management ever conducted and one of the very few longitudinal studies in the research area. In 1995 Hal Fearon and Mike Leenders conducted as study the title Purchasing’s Organizational Roles and Responsibilities. The study looked at how the purchasing/supply function is organized, size of staff, functions it performs and the background and reporting line of the Chief Purchasing Officer (CPO). The study has become since then one of the most-requested focus studies in this research field. Faculty of the EADS-SMI Endowed Chair at IIMB are participating in the extension of this research project to India in order to evaluate the roles and responsibilities of the purchasing managers in India. This research will help industry and academia to gain valuable insights about the roles and responsibilities of purchasing and supply organizations in large companies and the changes that will occur over time. We have designed the questionnaire so that the results can be identified by company size and industry sector. We would like to assure you that the information that you provide will not be used to identify individual companies nor any specific references will be made to any company. Only aggregate results will be reported. The survey is divided into several parts: firm size, the chief purchasing officer (CPO), materials and service purchased from suppliers, activities in the supply chain, organization structure, teams, e-commerce, major corporate activities, firm performance and future innovations. The questions have been designed to be quick and easy to answer; we estimate that completing the survey will take approximately 30 minutes. Your firm’s response is very important to ensure that the results are truly representative. If you do not have the precise data required to answer the question please provide an approximate answer. Earlier research has shown that it is more important to have approximate answers than none at all. Of course all participants will receive a copy of the Executive Summary of the Research Study. We would be most happy to answer any questions that you might have. Please feel free to contact me at 080 2699 3195 or by email to Please indicate the appropriate responses for you and your firm. We request you to complete the enclosed survey by May 30, 2012. We thank you in advance for participating in this study. Yours sincerely, Prof. Jishnu Hazra EADS-SMI Endowed Chair, IIM Bangalore
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2.6. Background of the CPO

2.7. How many total years experience has the CPO had (total with all present and previous employers), if any, in the following functional areas:


1. Raw Materials:
2a. Standard and Special Items: Energy
2b. Standard and Special Items: parts and components
2c. Standard and Special Items: packaging
3a. MRO Factory Operating Supplies
3b. MRO office supplies
4a. Capital: capital equipment
4b. Capital: IT hardware
4c. Capital: software/systems development
4d. Capital: real estate
5a. Services: administrative services
5b. Services: benefits
5c. Services: consulting services
5d. Services: environmental services
5e. Services: fleet administration services
5f. Services: freight/logistics/transportation
5g. Services: IT services
5h. Services: plant maintenance services
5i. Services: promotional/advertising services
5j. Services: printing/graphics services
5k. Services: real estate/facility services
5l. Services: temporary workforce services
5m. Services: travel
6a. Resale: equipment for resale
6b. Resale: software for resale


accounts payable
accounts payable
fleet administration
fleet administration
inbound transportation
inventory control
involvement with new product development
involvement with new product development
material planning and control
material and purchasing research
material and purchasing research
outbound transportation
outsourcing and subcontracting
outsourcing and subcontracting
production planning/scheduling
customer bid support
customer bid support
quality/inspection incoming goods and services
raw material procurement for suppliers
raw material procurement for suppliers


A. Professional purchasing/supply personnel
B. Clerical and other support personnel


Purchasing councils (purchasing personnel only)
Supplier councils (primarily key suppliers)
Commodity teams (purchasing personnel only)
Cross-functional teams
Teams with suppliers
Teams with external customers
Teams with suppliers AND external customers
Co-location of purchasing personnel with users/ specifiers
Consortium buying (pooling with other firms)

Access to new technology
Achieve lean supply initiatives
Cost reduction
Develop supply strategies congruent with corporate strategies
Lead time reduction
New product development
Performance measurement
Quality improvement
Revenue enhancement
Specification development
Supplier development
Supplier selection
Value improvement
Other (please list):______________________


Electronic data interchange (EDI)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Real-time electronic linkage with suppliers
Electronic / online supplier catalogue
Electronic / online purchase order system
Online reverse auction / e-auction
Online bidding / tendering
Public e-marketplaces (e.g. Global Healthcare Exchange)
Industry-sponsored e-marketplaces (e.g. Covisint)
Private B2B exchange / Extranet - operated by your company for your suppliers
Private B2B exchange / Extranet - operated by your supplier(s)
Private B2B exchange / Extranet - operated by your company for your customer(s)
Private B2B exchange / Extranet - operated by your customer(s)
Other electronic procurement methods (please indicate): ________________________________________________________________________________________


Capital project / investment planning
Corporate e-commerce initiative
Corporate strategic planning
Corporate cost reduction initiative
Corporate mergers / acquisitions / alliances
Environmental planning
Financial cash flow planning
Global supplier conference
Government relations
Information systems planning
International countertrade / offset planning
Marketing planning
New facility planning
New product development
Revenue enhancement / activities to increase corporate revenues
Risk management
Supplier conference
Technology planning
Other (please indicate): __________________________


production costs
total product costs
supply chain costs
product reliability
product conformance to engineering specifications
product features
product performance
perceived overall product quality
supply chain integration
order fulfillment speed
delivery speed
delivery as promised
delivery flexibility
flexibility to change output volume
flexibility to change product mix
manufacturing throughput time
product design time


Thank you for completing the questionnaire.

Should you wish to talk with the faculty in advance of the completion of the study, please call Prof. Jishnu Hazra 080 2699 3195 or write to Please give below your contact address or e-mail id. We will send you a copy of the Executive Summary of the study.

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