Joint - Braden Business Leadership Speaker Series

Tuesday, October 2, GGU, 536 Mission St, Room 2203, San Francisco, 12-1 pm Join us for lunch withJeffrey D. Yergler, Ph.D. Jeffrey is an assistant professor of management and chair of the Undergraduate Management Department at Golden Gate University. He has spent more than 20 years working in senior leadership positions at large non-profit organizations in Texas, Florida, and Washington State. Jeffrey is also Principal for Integer Leadership Consulting, where he works with senior executive management teams in medium- to large-businesses on leadership development, talent development through coaching, global management, and diversity training. He is currently engaged in research on the psychology of involuntary job loss. Related to this is Jeffrey's research on the psychological needs of the long-term unemployed and how that knowledge can better inform organizations and their decisions regarding the merits and risks of hiring the long-term unemployed. Jeffrey will be sharing insights about the four critical factors that form a foundation for effective leadership. This presentation is based on his work with senior organizational leaders over the last 10 years.
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