iCan Application 2014

This FREE program is for those who have never ran a marathon. The program will include customized workout plans, weekly group runs, and professional coaching. The iCan program will start on April 28th and spend 24 weeks to train for the Des Moines Marathon on October 19th. As a team you will have monthly opportunities to run in local road races (5k and 10k's) so marathon day is not your first race experience. To heighten the experience of this program and decrease the likelihood of injury, you must be willing to commit to three things; 1. Weekly strength training, 2. Come together as a team to do our weekly long run, 3. Read the book provided by Coach Loran entitled "The Go-Giver" by Bob Burg. Then be prepared to discuss the book and act on it. The intent of this program is to enable individuals to give of themselves by utilizing their time, talent, or treasure.
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