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Hi there, We are incredibly flattered to get emails every week from people in different cities around the world saying "have you considered bringing Escape the City to XXXXXX?". It's an amazing position to be in. As we build the next phase of the Escape the City community we plan to help people in different cities around the world to connect with each other. We are hoping that we can connect people both on and offline. Escape the City itself started offline in London with after-work meetups... likeminded people would get together and discuss alternative careers, entrepreneurialism and adventure. Sometimes with guest speakers, sometimes just a group of people talking to each other. They were (and continue to be) a really energising, inspirational and helpful place for people considering a big career change. Organising them is an excellent way to expand your network, engage with likeminded people and perhaps take the first steps towards your own escape. If you'd like to be considered as your city or town's Head Escape Artist (voluntary community organiser) please just fill in this form letting us know. Depending on how the meetups go, there may be scope for this role evolving into a more formal relationship with paid events and courses. The plan is to give individuals in cities the tools to organise talks, Q&A's and social events for aspiring corporate escapees who live near them. If you are interested, please complete this form. When we are closer to launching our Cities feature we'll get back in touch with a proper Guidance Manual and Application Form. NB: We aren't in a position to have a conversation around launching Escape the City as a whole in your city (i.e. no business / franchise / expansion relationships). Sorry! We're a small team and are still focusing on building an excellent core product and business model. Thanks for your interest - please complete the form if you'd like to be contact about this opportunity. All the best, Rob, Dom, Mikey Founders Escape the City
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