Community Forest Survey

The Misty Isles Economic Development Society is currently discussing a Community Forest Agreement or an alternative tenure type and partnership arrangement with BC Timber Sales for 80,000 m3/yr. We are seeking community input in order to determine the best possible arrangement and guide our discussions with BCTS.
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Identifying Community Goals

Community Forests are each as unique as the community, or communities, that they represent. In general, community forests strive to: provide social and economic benefits, follow sound principles of environmental stewardship, promote community involvement, strengthen the relationship between aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities and foster innovation. Most community forests focus their energies on a selection of community goals, instead of trying to do absolutely everything in all areas. We would like your help in identifying the shared goals of the communities we represent and prioritizing these goals.

Further communication/involvement

If you would like to be contacted in the future for updates or to have more input on the Community Forest please provide us with your contact information below.

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