Pearl Awards 2012 Fanart Nominations

When nominating, please take note of the required information. In most cases, Artist/Link is listed. This means you must list the original Artist and the Link where the original art can be found. If the link isn’t listed, the nomination will be voided. Please only nominate ONE artwork per category. If you wish to nominate more than one artwork for a category, PLEASE RESUBMIT THE FORM. That means one nomination per category per submission of the form. This will help us immensely in keeping things organized. Just so you know, Traditional Art is artwork created using traditional media (pencils, charcoal, pens, watercolors, etc.). Digital art is artwork created using digital technologies (Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint, etc.) Also, please note that fanart that won last year CANNOT be nominated for the SAME category it won, but CAN be nominated for a DIFFERENT category. To see the winners of 2011, head here:

Traditional Art

Digital Art


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