NZ MEGA 2012 Registration

Privacy Statement - these details will only be used to manage your attendance at the NZ MEGA 2012, and to help the New Zealand Recreational GPS Society with planning for the Mega. Your information will not be made available to third parties.
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Registration Information

Name and contact details should be for the primary contact for the family group. Where possible, please use the same details as your Registration of Interest. This will allow us to accurately track Registrations of Interest and actual Registrations. All details can be modified later by emailing

Payment Information

Registration is NZD75 per individual or family group. If you have any additional payment information you'd like to provide, please email it to For NZD electronic payments please use: Particulars: NZ MEGA 2012 Code+Reference: username (as much as will fit) Bank Details for Direct Debit: New Zealand Recreational GPS Society Inc KiwiBank Account 38-9007-0495887-000 For PayPal payments: We will generate an invoice through PayPal, and email it to the email address you supply above. Please note that your email client may not allow you to click on the pay now link in the email, if this is the case, just cut and paste the link. Note that we will be doing this in batches, so it may be a few days before you receive the invoice via email. For NZD cheque payments: Please make cheques payable to "New Zealand Recreational GPS Society Inc.", Please send cheques to: NZ Recreational GPS Society Treasurer PO Box 29066 Christchurch

Planning Information

The following questions are being asked to help the Society with the planning. Whilst these are not compulsory, we would greatly appreciate you answering them.

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