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Hello eagles! As you may well all know, the portal is planning to provide the Ravenclaws with a mini-publication. The frequency of its release is still not decided, but some Ravenclaws have already expressed that quantity should be over quality, and that daily releases would just generate, as an eagle has put it, "crap". While we wait for the christening of this paper, apply for a staff position now! The positions are as follows: Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Managing Editor News Editor (Headcanons about what's up with the Ravenclaws, updates on Pottermore, news of other houses) News Writers Feature Editor (Trivias, Fun Articles, Ravenclaw Horoscope, Tips and Suggestions) Feature Writers Literary Editor (Poems and Fanfictions) Literary Writers Sports Editor (Ravenclaw Quidditch updates, Wizard's Chess, Triwizard Tournament) Sports Writers Opinions Page Editor Arts Section Manager Layout Editor Layout Associate Editor Help us make The Ravenclaw Portal feel more like home!
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