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Welcome to r/DailyProgrammer challenge submissions form! The focus of this subreddit is to provide daily/weekly challenges to keep your mind and fingers busy between projects. This form is a challenge submission form, where you can submit any ideas, which may be accepted and posted to the subreddit! We post Easy challenges on Mondays, Intermediate on Wednesdays, and Hard on Fridays. We currently submit month-long challenges on the first day of each month. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: There is a minimum criteria you must meet for submitting a good challenge: 1. Challenges should be described in a fun and lighthearted, even if difficult. Give your challenge a theme, such as "you're on a mission to mars" or "you're a robot trying to buy cupcakes". 2. Your description should be at least three short paragraphs: You should have a general background, then a detailed explanation of the task, and a final example walk-through. 3. Challenges must be easy to describe and without the need of specialized knowledge outside of programming. If a developer cannot research and understand any knowledge-dependencies (outside of general programming) in a few minutes, then your challenge is too specialized of a topic. 4. Make the title interesting; it does not have to explicitly say what you are doing in the challenge. 5. Set the difficulty to an appropriate level. Easy challenges have trivial brute-force solutions. Intermediate challenges may have some sorting and searching involved, and though can be solved through brute-force, are too complex to solve without algorithms. Hard challenges are generally comparable to NP / NP-complete problems, like the Traveling Salesman Problem.
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