Patriot Application

Guidelines for applicants Intro Journalism provides an overview of the journalistic process in the high school setting and beyond. Students will refine their interviewing, writing, and editing skills and develop the skills necessary to utilize desktop and online publishing software and basic graphic design. Topics covered will include the ethical and moral foundations of the journalism profession, the fundamentals of the journalistic writing style, the mechanics of producing a newspaper, and the state of the media (newspapers, film, magazines, advertising, internet, etc.) in the world today. The skills learned will be put to use in the creation of a one-issue newspaper produced entirely by the students in the class. This is a numerically graded level 1 course and earns one credit in fine arts. Basically, if you have a serious interest in learning and working on newspapers and hope to one day become an editor on our school newspaper, you should sign up for the class. Note that the class does involve writing articles, so if you take the class, be prepared to do lots of interviewing. An English grade in the A-B range is strongly recommended. Advanced Journalism provides in-depth and hands-on learning experience relating to the production of the high school newspaper, The Patriot, and our online newspaper, Students will participate in a student-centered activity where virtually all content is created, designed, and edited by students. Students will be required to apply the experience and knowledge gained from the Journalism course to the creation of content for the newspaper. This is a numerically graded level 2 course and earns one credit in fine arts. This course also counts towards meeting your the technology requirement - you will not need to take any other technology course if you take Advanced Journalism. It is strongly recommended that applicants for spots in Advanced Journalism: - complete the Journalism course with a consistent grade in the B+ to A range (rising seniors with strong English skills and the teacher's approval may be allowed to waive this requirement) - have excellent writing and organizational skills
* Required