Parental Substance Abuse and Adolescent Development

Parental Substance Abuse and Adolescent Development Maureen Keenan& Dr. Colleen McDonough Neumann University 1 Neumann Drive Aston, PA 19014 INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE I understand that I am, being invited to participate in a research study that has to do with parental substance abuse in adolescent development. BASIS OF SUBJECT SELECTION I also understand that the individuals who are over the age of 18 are invited to participate. PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to inform individuals on what parental substance abuse is, how it forms an adolescent and the effects that it causes not only during developmental stages but throughout life. PROCEDURE The participant will answer a 15 questionsurvey that deals with their substance abuse. A substance is defined as alcohol. Illegal drugs or addictive prescription medications like pain killers. WHY MY PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION IS BEING USED AND BY WHOM? No health information is being collected. “Only the researcher will be permitted to disclose the information for the purposes of furthering science. The only people other than the investigators who may see your personal health data provided for this study are those who may help the investigators to analyze the data, or prepare the study for publication or presentation. Once information is disclosed to others outside the institution, the information may no longer be covered by the federal privacy protection regulations. In any disclosure outside Neumann College, your unique code number will be used rather than any name or other direct personal identifier. Your authorization for use of your personal information does not expire and may be kept indefinitely in our databases, however, we will not use it for other purposes, unless we specifically as you first”. WILL YOU BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR RECORDS Because the survey is anonymous, you will not be able to access your records. POTENTIAL RISKS AND DISCOMFORTS Some of the questions may make you feel uncomfortable. CAN I CHANGE MY MIND Subjects are allowed to change their mind at any time, before or during the survey. However, since the surveys are anonymous, you cannot opt out once the survey is complete as there is no way of tracing your individual survey back to you. POTENTIAL BENEFITS There are many benefits that come along with this research, not just for me but for the public in general. For the public the benefits include a greater understanding of parental substance abuse in growing adolescents. Parental substance abuse can have a negative factor in the growth of an adolescent and if more people can become aware of this serious problem, we can help other adolescents from experiencing it. It will give the subjects partaking in it knowledge that they are not the only ones that have experienced this, and that there are other people that go through this and that there are people that want to help them too if they have a problem that was caused by this. FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS There are no financial obligations during this experiment. INDUCEMENTS There are no inducements for participating ALTERNATIVES As this is not a therapeutic study, there are no alternative treatments. CONFIDENTIALITY AND PRIVACY The survey is anonymous and you have to complete confidentiality. Only the researchers will have access to the data. NON-PARTICIPATION AND WITHDRAWL Subjects are given the option to not participate and withdrawal if they feel as though they do not agree with the research at any time, without penalty. COM[PLICATIONS AND INJURIES There will be no situations for subjects to get injured. No complications are expected. SUBJECTS' QUESTIONS AND RIGHTS If you have any questions, you may contact the IRB board through the Neumann website, or Maureen Keenan at
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