Assistant Testing Services, Full time $10

CSP Labs is looking for a bright individual who has aptitude for multi-tasking and experience in administration assistance. CSP Labs provide pathology and genetic testing of seeds and plants. This position involves assisting Director of Testing Services in various tasks.. Specific duties are as follows: Receiving samples and transmit results Log samples, Scan packing slips, assign tests, Print Snapshots for Approval, Create Folders. After approved, Print Worksheets, Publish orders. Place samples to appropriate shelves. Create new companies, contacts by gathering the necessary information. Track unknown orders (where paperwork is not there with the samples) Send username and password requests that come from customers. After approval, publish results (majority of them) - This can be more automated as well Move folders for Invoicing after results are published. Scan all Order ID’s after invoicing is done and recycle folders Sending shipping labels and envelops Ship out Red/White labels, Track and order more Red/White labels. Send out annual custom bags to customers (Rice testing, germination testing etc) Receive supplies Open supplies and distribute to appropriate departments. Collect signatures and file Purchase orders. Maintain supply order database for all departments. After approval, collect requisitions and place orders. Prepare monthly purchasing reports for each department. Maintain office supplies. Throw away all the boxes etc related to Sample log and supplies Other Generate weekly or monthly testing reports for each department for Director, Testing services (downtime, late starts etc). Arrange monthly meetings for Director with each department (Agenda, meeting min etc.). Help with visitors (print brochures, arrange conference room etc). Keep track of annual meetings for each testing department (Help with reservations, make appointments, shipping displays etc) Help Director with monitoring quality controls in place (blind testing in internal departments). Help in news releases (monitor mail merge addresses etc, use of Outlook) Help Director troubleshoot testing concerns when he is away, acting as middle person between customer and director. Handle phone calls and messages. Click this link to fill application

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