Rosh Hashana Ordering

Another year has passed, and it's time for our once a year "L'Shanah Tovah" cupcake to come out of the vault! We'll also have 3 other popular cupcakes available, AND will be debuting a special Rosh Hashana brownie- rich chocolate swirled with tart pomegranate molasses and roasted walnuts. Robicelli's baked goods are NOT kosher, as we work in a non-K- certified kitchen. However, all ingredients used are K-star parve, and are as kosher as anything that would be made in a home kitchen. Also, as we have backgrounds in kosher food preparation, all items will be baked in accordance with the law (yolk and produce inspection, parve cooking pans, etc). We are making deliveries Sunday afternoon/evening on September 16th and the morning/afternoon of September 17th. Delivery fees are $10 for most of Brooklyn, and $15 to Manhattan. Cupcakes will also be available for pick-up at Robicelli's at Gourmet Guild- 110 Broadway, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
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Cupcakes & Brownies

Note that for delivery, a one dozen minimum is required. You can mix and match flavors in any way you'd like- or you can just get a straight dozen or two of our L'Shanah Tovah! Totally up to you! Just type in the number of each flavor you'd like in the box provided. For pick-up, there's no minimum. Orders will be available at Gourmet Guild Williamsburg after 4pm.

Thank you for your order!

We'll contact you personally to finalize all the details, then shoot you an invoice via PayPal so you can pay securely. A L'Shanah Tovah to you all!

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