Fall 2013 Trojan Health Volunteers Lottery Application

Thank you for your interest in JEP's Trojan Health Volunteers. As the number of interested applicants exceeds the number of spots available, THV students are chosen via lottery. Please complete the following form to be considered for THV's Fall 2013 class. ****Note: Please type your response to the following essay question in a separate (MS Word, Google Doc, etc) document before starting to complete this form. You will not be able to save or submit your unfinished form.**** Essay prompt: As a program under the Joint Educational Project (JEP), Trojan Health Volunteers (THV) strives to highlight the importance of service learning in a medical setting. What does service learning mean to you, and how do you hope to achieve your career aspirations through THV? Word Limit: 500 Min: 300 Words
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