Reader survey - Edmonton Journal's Living on the Edge

The Journal's summer-long series on growth and the suburbs is wrapping up. This was a new experiment for us. We drilled deeper in the area of urban affairs, and took the chance to learn to be more transparent and involve our community during the process of reporting. So how do you think it worked? We value your feedback. It will shape future projects, both on the subject of urban affairs and in the techniques of online journalism. Check site for the survey results late next week, or include your email address and we'll let you know when it's ready. Survey by Elise Stolte

Watched for them and read all two dozen Didn't read any.

I subscribed or visited it everyday Sorry, never read it.

Spent at least 20 minutes exploring both projects Didn't see them

Very impressed Disappointed

Yes, I had no problems No, I was always lost

Great Disappointing

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