WORCESTER ART MUSEUM/ Frances A. Kinnicutt Travel Study Award Application

Application Deadline: Tuesday, April 9 2013
* Required

Budget Estimate

Foreign Travel/Study (grant request is not to exceed 50% of total budget.)

Other Requirements

Please include biographical statement or resume

Letters of Recommendation

Please be sure to have your referrals complete the online recommendation forms which can be found on the website: www.worcesterart.org/scholarships-and-grants Letters of recommendation forms must be received no later than Tuesday, April 06, 2013. Please list who will be writing your letters of recommendation below.

How to Save and Name Images

Samples of work (photos) may be provided if relevant to the proposed activity and should be emailed. No portfolios, faxes, videos, DVDs, or CD's will be accepted. Images Must Be Saved In JPEG Format There are many different types of images, and .jpg is often the default image type when downloading images, but some programs do default to GIF, TIF, BMP, etc. Make sure images are saved as JPEGs. Save your IMAGES according to the requirements listed below. Make sure that each image is saved as specified. Important File Information File Type: jpeg ONLY File Size: 1 mega byte or less Images NEED to be saved as follows: 1. lastname-firstname01.jpg – (Example: smith-jane01.jpg) 2. Attach images and send to kinnicuttchair@worcesterart.org with the subject line: 2013-14 Kinnicutt Applicant

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.