DERUYTER Regional Institute Registration: April 11, 2013 ~ 6:45 pm-8:30 pm

NOTE: ~ This Spring at DERUYTER Regional Institute. There will be NO KEYNOTE speaker - instead, workshops will begin PROMPTLY at 7:00 pm. -Select ONE workshops for EACH person attending. -Fill out this ENTIRE form and press the 'Submit' button when finished. *NOTE: For WORKSHOP TITLES and DESCRIPTIONS please see the DeRuyter AGENDA at: **** UPDATE- The workshop: "KEYS to COLLEGE SUCCESS" has been canceled. **** CAR POOL Information - Please consider sharing rides. Often we include a place on forms for families to indicate if they NEED a ride or are willing to GIVE or share a ride. If you do, ACE will TRY to connect riders w/ride providers from your area. ____________________________________________________________________________
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DERUYTER Regional Institute Workshop Information

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