SEPA Teacher Workshop: Aiding and Abetting Classroom Instruction Summer 2014

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: May 24, 2014 This summer, the workshop is based on requests from our teachers at our partner schools that are varied in scope and dimension. The topics for this workshop will be cross-disciplinary and all teachers will have a chance to share and participate, no matter the grade level. The same workshop will be offered in June and August, with different starting times. Day 1 we'll have a roller coaster theme, exploring not only the science, but also the vocabulary and literature connections. You will learn how mobile apps, foldablesĀ®, and other projects will aid classroom instruction and encourage students to learn. Our guest instructor will be Kellen Conroy, staff development team at ESU1. Day 2 we'll focus on Tier 2 vocabulary strategies, ways to enlarge student vocabulary, reasoning (argumentation), and sharpening observation and critical thinking skills. Work time with the die cut machine, a chance to prepare materials for your classroom will be built into this day as well. Day 3 we'll have a guest instructor. Brent Kahn from UNMC will teach you ways to manage stress in the classroom, both yours and your students. He will demonstrate practical strategies to use and teach students to maintain a positive and calm classroom. Go to Click on "Workshop Schedule" to see the workshop schedule and other details. Please e-mail us at if you have any questions.
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