COMN 395 Internship in Communication This form shows your intention to do an internship for credit and should be completed BEFORE pursuing any internship opportunities. This electronic application will be automatically submitted to the Communication Department Internship Coordinator, Dr. Andrew Herman (Blake B 121). ** After completing this form, please provide a copy of your resume to Dr. Herman, either by hard copy in his mailbox or as an attachment to an email ( After submitting your application, please see the Department secretary (Debbie Lowery) to schedule an appointment with Dr. Herman to review your application and to discuss your internship placement options. After receiving approval, you are welcome to pursue any possible internships. To receive credit, an internship contract must be completed both by you and the field supervisor and then signed by Dr. Herman. You do not need to have a specific internship opportunity in mind when you file this application. Possible internships are listed on the Internship page on the Department website. Further resources are available in Career Services Office (Blake A 104).
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