Government Legislation and Institution Policy for Open Textbooks and Open Educational Resources

Open textbook and open educational resource legislation is globally gaining ground. Please share any information you may have regarding (1) US government and state legislation on open educational resources and open textbooks; or (2) legislation being in acted in other countries. EXAMPLE: United States, Florida, 2012, Passed, HB 5201 Information dealing with open textbooks and open resources can be found on lines 853-858. Requires the Florida Virtual Campus "(f) Promote and provide recommendations concerning the use and distribution of open-access textbooks and education resources as a method for reducing costs and work with public postsecondary education institutions in developing a standardized process for the review and approval of open-access textbooks." The Florida Virtual Campus is established to provide access to online student and library support services and to serve as a statewide resource and clearinghouse for public postsecondary education distance learning courses and degree programs. Additional legislative information: Contact Us:
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