YDDA Customer Satisfaction Survey

The following questions provide an opportunity for you to tell us about your experience while visiting DDA District businesses. Whether you are a longstanding member of the community, or are new to the area, you have consumer needs. We want to revitalize our districts with your needs in mind. It is a confidential survey, so please feel free to be direct. We will have the survey results analyzed and use the information to help support local businesses and achieve long term development goals. *Note: The 'DDA District' refers to the area of Ypsilanti that includes Downtown, Depot Town, and West Cross (College Town). For a more detailed look at the area, a map is available at http://www.ypsilantidda.org/about_dda

Local police protection is outstanding
I feel safe in the District, even at night
Local fire protection is outstanding
Local waste management service is outstanding
Local municipal services are well worth the level of taxation
I always trust and buy products and services locally
The existing DDA District business mix is good
The look and feel of DDA District is condusive to shopping
Window and store displays attract me to a business
Local businesses are open when I want to shop
The DDA District is an excellent place to shop


Hours of operation
Customer service
Brand name merchandise
Quality of merchandise

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