Test-Drive A Chevy Volt and/or a Nissan Leaf

Always wanted to drive an electric car? Now you can! As part of Earth Week 2012, we're going to have both popular models of electric vehicles (EVs) currently on the consumer market on campus for test-drives by the campus community. On Tuesday, April 17th GM is bringing the Chevy Volt to campus, as well as their new Chevy Sonic (while not electric, it is the first high fuel-mileage vehicle to sport GM's new Ecologic label and has been made famous by the band OK Go). If you would like to take the Volt or Sonic for a 5-10 minute test drive, please register below and select the Volt or the Sonic. Both cars will be located near the roadway behind the Amphitheater, where the Campus Beautification Day BBQ/Earth Week Kickoff will begin at noon, so you can test drive the car without having to go far from the festivities. The car will be available from noon until 2 PM. On Thursday, April 19th, Chevy Chase Nissan will be providing the fully electric Nissan Leaf for test drives. If you would like to take the Nissan for a test drive, please register below and select the Leaf. We'll have a registration table set up on the quad outside MGC, and from there the test drives will begin in the Nebraska Parking Lot, and will go from 12:30 to 2 PM (the registration table will go up at 11). IIf you have pre-registered, you will get priority over anyone who registers at the table. Registration will be on a first-come first-served basis for both vehicles, and there will be time for approximately 13-15 test drives each, so sign up right away. You CAN sign up for both vehicles on both days if you would like. You must be 21 to drive the cars, and 18 to be a passenger during a test drive.
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