Fitz Center Registration for Sustained (NOT 1-time events) Service at Neighborhood School Centers -- SPRING 2013

The 5 Neighborhood School Centers (NSCs) are Dayton Public Schools that intentionally partner with the surrounding community, emphasize strong academics, and offer neighborhood residents a variety of services. The first step to helping out at the NSCs is to fill out the form below. Once we have your completed form, we will contact you to smooth out any details and then confirm your assignment. Thank you!
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Information we need from you to confirm a sustained service placement

If you ARE looking for the registration for 1-TIME EVENTS, STOP HERE and go instead to this link

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The more availability you provide makes it easier for the Fitz Center place you at a school.

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The Fitz Center will get back to you to confirm a service learning placement at a Neighborhood School Center. Expect an e-mail from Polly Long, Aly Saum, James Ballack, or Joanne Troha.

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