Room Change Request - F Complex

This form is for students who are CURRENTLY living in F Complex. If you do not currently reside in F Complex, you will need to exit this form and find the correct Room Change request form for your area. Requests submitted on the wrong form (in this case, for residents outside of F Complex) will not be forwarded or considered. After completion of this form, your Resident Director will be in contact with you to collect more information or provide further instruction. Please allow 3-5 business days after completion of your Room Change Request for your Resident Director to respond. It is the responsibility of the resident who submits the request for a room change to communicate this request with their current roommate. No items are allowed to be moved until approval has been granted by the Resident Director of the area and/or the Assistant Director of Assignments and Billing. Any questions should be directed to the Resident Director of your area.
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