International Student Activities

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Please read the following and sign:

I understand the times and dates of each of these activities. I also understand that if I am not able to attend one of the activities that I signed up for, I need to notify ISP at least 2 business days before the trip or I may not be able to get a refund. If any of the activities are cancelled for any reason, I will receive an email from an ISP staff member to my Bellevue College email account. I will check my email account the day of the activity to see if the activity was cancelled.

Participant Assumption of Risk Notice

I, the undersigned, voluntarily desire to participate in the following activity sponsored by Bellevue College (herein after referred to as the “College”) and instructors. I further understand and agree as follows: In consideration of and based upon my decision to participate in this activity/trip/class/workshop, I understand that I am undertaking this trip as an independent adult, and that neither the college nor any of its agents serve as guardians or insurers of my safety. I agree that I voluntarily choose to participate in this activity and I am aware and understand that Bellevue College will have limited access or ability to provide any special services associated with physical or emotional needs that may arise during the trip. I acknowledge that travel to a foreign country may involve some danger and possibility of harm or injury. I am also aware of other possible risks involved, outlined below. WARNING – PLEASE READ: Foreseeable risks may include but are not limited to Bus travel, motion sickness, accident. Walking, crowds, loud noises, rain, slippery pavement, stairs, bad weather, night travel I certify that to the best of my knowledge, I have no physical or emotional impairments or concerns which may be aggravated by the activity/trip or which will impair my ability to participate in the activity or jeopardize my safety or the safety of others while participating in this trip.

In Case of Emergency Notify

For Parent Or Guardian

If the student is under age 18 (or if the student is 18 or older and has a legal guardian), both the student and the responsible PARENT OR GUARDIAN must sign. In so signing, the parent or guardian acknowledges and assumes the above described risks of the student’s participation in this activity.

Thank you for your response. You will receive an email within 2 days with instructions on how to pay for the activity you plan to attend.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Linda Annable at

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