ASO Road Trip Contest Nomination Form

All entrants into the ASO Road Trip Contest must fill out this form. NOTE: You must be within the Continental US to be eligible! Put your name, contact email, the city/town you'd like to nominate, and (most importantly) the reason why we should come to your town in the form below. When you're done here, simply tweet a nomination for your town/city (with the requirements listed below), and you’re good to go! WHAT YOU COULD WIN: - Up to $100 in hosting credits per month for 6 months - A Yeti cooler stocked with goodies - An ASO sponsored meetup in your town (free food, drink, conversation, the opportunity to mingle with other like-minded folk in your area) Remember- all tweets must include the name of the place you're nominating, and the hashtag #ASORoadTrip. Retweets are always a good way to rally support for your town/city... All nominations must be in by 11:59pm, Friday, September 28, 2012. Thanks for participating!
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