Fair Share Alliance Campaign Director Positions

Fair Share Alliance works to provide every American with a fair shot at a good job, a secure future and a strong voice in our democracy. But powerful, entrenched interests are gaming the system to their benefit, while denying everyone else a fair shot. We need to stand up to the 1% and their allies in Congress that block progress at every turn. As a Campaign Director, you will be a part of building a Fair Share Alliance organization in your community and raising the profile of our issues to make a real impact in the lives of your friends, family and neighbors. Specifically, you will run a local campaign office to conduct grassroots fundraising, build membership for Fair Share Alliance and support for our issues, turnout voters for the elections and keep the heat on the 1% in the media. We are NOW HIRING for offices across the country to work on these projects for just the summer or as a long-term career. We're looking for people who work hard, communicate well, and are committed to positive social change. Campaign Directors earn $23,750 in their first year and $24,250 in their second year. Benefits include college loan assistance, two weeks paid vacation, paid holidays and paid sick days. Campaign Directors are also eligible to opt into one of our state health coverage plans. Salary and benefits differ in CA and MA. SIGN UP BELOW TO RECEIVE MORE INFORMATION, and to hear about opportunities to interview with a Fair Share Campaign Director near you!
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