Web Programming

Hello. The data collected by this survey will not be used for commercial purposes, it will be merely used to back up the research and decisions we take for a subject in university which requires projects evaluation. In this case we will be evaluating an e-Commerce implementation project. We highly appreciate your assistance with this and we do ask you to try to answer as seriously and objective as possible, as we need to use real data and information to back up the decisions. (For as real as an open survey can be :P) We also need to gather at least 150 replies, so the more the merrier! :) Thanks for your time! There is also a second survey, which is more oriented to help us rate each language in 5 the different factors (Support, Security, Resources, Performance). If you'd like to fill it out, it can be found here: http://bitly.com/SjOWHV
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Programming related questions

These questions are meant to cover the main factors that should be considered when choosing a language

Database related questions

General Questions

The questions in this section are oriented to give us a better idea for our final decision. The questions here are based on a case where you have to build a project considering the following scenario: 1.- You start to build a project that is expected to have an average of 35 daily users at first and is expected to grow to 1500 within 5 years. (Calculating an average of 700 users per minute considering time spent browsing) 2.- There will be a high demand of database requests (Projecting about 45 queries per second/user) 3.- There would be a high demand of multimedia requests (If that matters at all)

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