Girls on the Move Study Guide, Quiz and Evaluation

Complete the following form to receive credit for Girls on the Move with Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington. This training is required for adults who are preparing Girl Scouts to leave their regular meeting space and progressively participate in field trips, day trips and indoor overnight adventures (up to 3 nights) within a closed structured building that has the following amenities: water, heat, toilets, lights, kitchen facilities, and cell/phone coverage. During this course we will explore many ways to assist you and your girls to plan and implement safe, fun and successful activities. You will learn how to: Determine readiness of girls and adults and the steps in planning a series of outings Make a group safety plan Learn the rules of the road, and what paperwork is needed Plan menus Decide on appropriate manners and rules Discuss how to dress for day trips Pack for indoor overnights Know the triggers of homesickness It is recommended that this course is completed from 3 to 6 months prior to any outing with girls. This will allow you to put the skills learned into practice and make the most of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. The materials you will need in addition to this page are: A copy of the GSOSW Outdoor Resource Guide – Girls on the Move Booklet (Copy and paste this link to a different window or tab: ) The most recent copy of Volunteer Essentials (VE) (Copy and paste this link to a different window or tab: ) Access to GSOSW Safety Activity Checkpoints (SAC’s) (Copy and paste this link to a different window or tab: ) If you have questions while taking this training you may contact: Jessi Frederickson Portland Office 1-800-338-5248 X6810 Patricia Hutchings Eugene Office 1-800-522-8772 X6311
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A. Readiness

Before your group plans an outing, you need to feel comfortable with the idea, and know how to determine if everyone is ready to venture beyond the meeting place. The Girl Scout Program is built on the concept of progression – acquiring the skills needed to move from basic to more complex activities. As you and your group build confidence and skills, you can plan activities further from the meeting place, using more complex skills, and staying longer. After studying page 7 in the Girls on the Move (GOTM) booklet, please respond to the following:

B. Progression in the Outdoors

Progression in the outdoors is based upon the increased development of a skill within an increasingly complex activity, as well as progressively increasing the distance and time away from home. After reviewing the information on pages 8 through 11 in the GOTM booklet, please respond to the following:

C. Girl-Led Planning

As a leader you will enable your girls to experience opportunities for planning, decision making and leadership. Refer to pages 14 to 20 in the GOTM booklet and respond to the following questions:

When planning for transportation you will need to refer to a copy of Volunteer Essentials Safety Wise Section. Using these resources and page 18 of the GOTM booklet, please answer the following:

D. Staying Safe

The safety of girls and adults is the highest priority in all Girl Scout activities. Adults must ensure the health and safety of the girls at all times. Safety Activity Checkpoints (SAC’s) and Volunteer Essentials (VE) are your guides when planning and carrying out Girl Scout Activities. Use these two resources to answer the following questions.

E. Homesickness/Noises

Homesickness is less likely to occur if a girl feels secure, safe, and comfortable. Advanced planning can help prevent most problems with homesickness. Using the information on pages 23 & 24 of the GOTM booklet, write a positive response for each of the below:

F. Paperwork Needed for Travel

Travel is stepping beyond the group meeting place. Paperwork is necessary to protect you and the girls. Take Action: Know who and when to return forms and who needs to have them while traveling. Some of the following information is in the policy and procedure section of Volunteer Essentials. Please contact your SU’s ETC or Manager for more information. Forms can be found on the GSOSW web site. Name of Form Turn in to whom & when Needs to be in car with 1. Parent/Guardian Permission Group Leader Copy where the girl is, Slip and Health History When requested Original with leader 2. Notice of Intent/ Troop SU ETC Leader Car/ Emergency Travel Form 4 weeks prior Contact person 3. GS Program Site Agreement Staff listed on form With Leader ASAP 4. Site Permissions/Reservations Leader retains original Copies in all cars 5. Accident Injury Report Council office no later Group Leader than 2 weeks after event 6. Girl Scout Emergency Card All need a copy In all cars 7. Insurance Claim Form Council office after Group Leader Dr. Apt. and w/in 30 days 8. Group Emergency Contact All adults In all cars Prior to departure

G. Dress and Gear

It is the leader’s responsibility to communicate with the girls and their parents/guardians that the girls come appropriately dressed for the planned outing. It is the girl’s responsibility to follow through. Appropriate dress is important for safety. Review pages 26 through 44 in the GOTM booklet and circle the appropriate answers.

H. Food – Menu Planning

Anything that can be cooked indoors can be cooked outdoors. Progress from simple no cook recipes to more complex recipes requiring longer cook times and several pots. Please review pages 46 through 68 in the GOTM booklet then complete the Sample Menu Planner Below:

I. Manners and Rules

Good manners is showing respect for others through your words and actions; respect for their property, respect for yourself, and respect for the environment. Rules are the laws stated by State and Country. Obey all rules. Review pages 70 through 72 in the GOTM booklet.

J. Transportation

The first concern of both the driver and the passengers is always safety. Use Volunteer Essentials (VE)/Council Volunteer Policies and Procedures for the following questions.

Any adult traveling with girls must be a registered Girl Scout.
Girl Scout groups traveling by car must adhere to state laws and safe driving practices.
Drivers may talk on cell phones while driving.
Men may drive a group of girls after a background check by council.
All paperwork stays with the leader of the group.
Every vehicle must be licensed, with emergency equipment up to date.

What to do after the trip:

Don't forget to: Pay bills promptly Write thank you notes Return all borrowed or rented equipment in good condition Evaluate the outing: Did you have fun? What did you learn that was new? What could be better? How were the sleeping arrangements? Did girls and adults share in the planning and follow up? Should the group go again? Why or Why not? What would be a good next trip? How can this experience be used to make plans for future outings? Take Action: What is my next step in training?

Congratulations! You have completed Girls on the Move!

Your next training is “Girl Scout Camping Basics.” For course information, visit our website, Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington is dedicated to providing high quality training. We want to be sure that we are meeting your needs. Please tell us what you think in the following training evaluation.

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