2013 Umstead 100 volunteer form

Thank you for offering to help with the 2013 Umstead 100, which will be run, starting at 6 AM, Saturday, April 6 and will finish at noon, Sunday, April 7. We will need volunteers for various activities from Wednesday, April 3 through Monday, April 7. You will be contacted by the key race person in charge of the area you selected to volunteer. If you have questions or time limitations, please ask them below in the additional comments space or email Jennifer at volunteer@umstead100.org .
Volunteer pacers please register here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHBneFpSamhqbGowSkJiRGgzZEw4anc6MQ#gid=0 as well as the volunteer form below.
There will be a Friday night spaghetti dinner for runners, crew and volunteers at 6 PM at Race Headquarters in Camp Lapihio, Umstead Park. Please come if you can.
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