CAB Street Crew Application

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) Street Crew is made up of people just like you who want to get involved. All registered, full-time undergraduate students at McKendree University are eligible for membership in CAB as a Street Crew member. The more diverse our membership is, the better opportunity we have to present the kinds of programming our students love. Collectively, Street Crew members are the backbone of our staff working behind the scenes to make our events happen. They assist with the brainstorming and creative process of planning and promoting events and activities that our whole student body can enjoy. Being a Street Crew member is a great way to get involved, gain leadership experience, and have a great time planning events and meeting new and fun people. While this position offers a great amount of flexibility, being a member of the Campus Activities Board requires commitment and a will to improve one’s self as well as the organization they represent. Attendance, planning, decision-making, cooperation, commitment, and leadership are the characteristics of a successful Street Crew member and you, as a Street Crew member represent the future of CAB’s leadership. Staff members are considered student leaders and are expected to maintain a responsible and professional image. Street Crew Duties: • Act as a role model to the student body at McKendree University • Serves on one of our programming committees. o Assist with the planning, promotion, and execution of events. o Offer new ideas for events and their promotion o Attend committee meetings as needed and scheduled by the Program Coordinator o Communicate with Program Coordinators and be available to assist if needed o Support and encourage participation on campus • Attend an orientation session to become familiar with CAB and what we do. Responsibilities and Active Membership: • To be considered an active Street Crew member, you must o Work a minimum of 3 events per month. o Attend at least 85% of full staff meetings. Meetings are currently held on Mondays at 4:00pm. o Be enrolled full-time at McKendree, remain in good academic and judicial standing o Follow the student conduct guidelines outlined in the Student Handbook as well as the member policies and regulations set forth by the Campus Activities Board. o Assist with traditional events (Involvement Fair, Fall Family Weekend, Homecoming, McKendree Idol, Spring Fling, etc.) Benefits: • The benefits for Street Crew members are numerous; however the most notable benefits are the experience and skills you gain, friendships, and networking, involvement, and the satisfaction of programming events for fellow students and the community. The CAB experience also looks great on a résumé. Other incentives for our Street Crew include a point system for various activities. To find out more about our current incentive system, visit our web page at *Selected applicants may be contacted for a brief, "Get to Know You" interview.
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