Columbus Family Academy Career Day 2013

Career Day at Columbus is Thursday, June 13, 9am-12:15pm. Columbus is located at 255 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT Guest speakers will be asked to speak to grades 1st - 8th for 20-minute sessions and you will have the opportunity to select the grade which you would like to present to. You can sign up to speak at 1 session, multiple sessions or for all the sessions...whichever combination works best with your schedule. Speakers will be assigned to one room while students rotate between sessions. Recommended format: - personal story - typical day at work - career path (education/training) - pros/cons of the job - short Q&A You are more than welcome to bring visuals or special equipment. If you have any questions regarding format or room accommodations, please contact Mrs. Jennifer Chisholm (school counselor) at (203) 691-2534 or For all other questions regarding YLNG's participation in this event please contact Jennifer Medina at
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