Trash out / Debris removal crew needed

We are looking for hard working, diligent and punctual individuals to work in the foreclosure maintenance field. These are Bank owned REO homes that are vacant and a mess that need to be prepared to be sold. We are looking for three or four separate categories of teams. teams of two to three would be ideal as the work assigned must be completed, in most cases, in the same day assigned. Having property preservation, landscaping background is desired though being fast and being able to follow directions precisely is the most important thing. If you have experience working on Cyprexx or Safeguard jobs, it’s a plus as well. You are required to have your own supplies, equipment and transportation. You must be able to take, what seems like, overkill of pictures and without these pictures there is no proof of work done, and the banks will not pay. Payments are made 30-45 days after the job is done which is when we are paid by the bank who hires us. I need serious hard workers only.... Reliability, dependability and good work ethic is a must. We have work in the Placer county area, Yolo and Sacramento. Pay is per job, depending on the scope of the job determines the amount paid. These are the different teams needed. Trash out / debris removal crew Duties include: -Take VERY good before, during and after pictures according to instructions given by us. (The only way we can pay is by how many cubic yards are accurately documented as removed from the property by pictures you take.) -Have own trailer and truck -Carry insurance on vehicle -Licensed driver -Have general liability insurance ( about $200 a year) within a month of starting. -Have computer and internet to be able to upload the pictures and copies of the dump receipts to me each day. This pays $18.00 a cubic yard, paid on verification of digital pictures you have given to confirm the removal of the debris. Please note: This job has its benefits, often times the items left are recyclable and that can mean big bucks for you. Please no illegal dumping! If we need your services, you will be required to submit a w9 for tax purposes. One fee will be paid for each job. You will be considered an independent contractor.
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