SES Team

Please read the entire section, but first, please see our five points: 1. Have reliable transportation 2. Be dependable 3. Be a go getter and self motivated 4. Outgoing and articulate 5. Comfortable going door to door and speaking to people **** 1. Job Description The program we are doing is a creation of the No Child Left Behind Act that allows public school children who attend eligible schools to receive additional help in the areas of math and reading in an after school setting. We are going out into the community to spread the word about the program and to distribute and collect sign-up forms. This program is completely free to the families that participate. 2. Compensation Assisting in collecting sign-up forms, is compensated with a daily $40 stipend. We will most likely be working from 3:30pm-6pm, but hours are flexible. A weekly goal of 50 sign up forms or 10 a day is set for each team member, any team member collecting over 10 sign up forms in a day, will be paid an additional $10 for the day and for every sign-up form over 10 an additional $5 per form they collect. On average a person going out for 2-3 hours a day for 5 days can collect 150 sign-up forms and make $575 in that week. Many team members will collect many more than 50 in a week. This is a great way to earn some extra cash. **** Please be comfortable and willing to work going door to door to promote the program and collect sign up forms. We are looking for people who are great around people and can make the pitch ! 3. Managers Also we are looking for 4-5 managers to help manage the project, managers need to be skilled at organizing a group, selecting an area to knock and ensuring that the team is meeting goals and following the rules. Managers are paid more and get an extra bonus for the sign-ups they collect. Some additional time is required and we are looking for smart leaders who can lead a group. If you are interested in the manager role, indicate below. **** If you wish to become a team member, please fill out the form and we will be in contact with you.
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