KSG Survey : Summer of Love Edition

I hope you like surveys because damn it, you're going to be checking boxes and selecting options. Maybe even adding your own input, who knows! This is rather long, so be prepared to spend a few minutes on it.
* Required


So this was originally only intended to be posted in the /vg/ thread for a bit, but if you were linked from somewhere else that's totally cool, let me know. This is definitely not official though.

Route Questions

All about you!

The Girls!


The Controversy!

None of these questions are required, don't answer them if you don't wish too. They're not to be considered seriously, just skip to the next section!

The Fan creations!

The Side Characters!

The Pre-Alpha

Final Stretch!

None of these need to be answered. If you're bored at this point, just hit submit! Most are just in-jokes from KSG. JUST TO REINTERATE, THESE ARE JUST STUPID JOKES. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY AND GET ANGRY AT ME.

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