World Cancer Declaration

On behalf of the Union for International Cancer Control, the HSPH student government, SLAP, GTFCCC, HGEI, HGHI, and GO! are collecting signatures for the World Cancer Declaration. The World Cancer Declaration is a tool to help bring the growing cancer crisis to the attention of government leaders and health policy-makers in order to significantly reduce the global cancer burden by 2020 through 11 key targets. “We the global cancer community call on the world to take immediate steps to reduce the global cancer burden by committing to the 11 Declaration targets and providing the resources and political backing needed to achieve them.” As the custodian of the Declaration, UICC encourages action to achieve the Declaration’s targets locally, nationally, regionally and globally, and promotes a comprehensive response across the globe. Partnership is key within the framework of the World Cancer Declaration: “By working together, we can more easily implement the priority actions and achieve the 2020 targets.” Targets: By 2020 1. Sustainable delivery systems will be in place to ensure that effective cancer control programmes are available in all countries 2. The measurement of the global cancer burden and the impact of cancer control interventions will have improved significantly 3. Global tobacco consumption, obesity and alcohol intake levels will have fallen significantly 4. Populations in the areas affected by HPV and HBV will be covered by universal vaccination programmes 5. Public attitudes towards cancer will improve and damaging myths and misconceptions about the disease will be dispelled 6. Many more cancers will be diagnosed when still localised through the provision of screening and early detection programmes and high levels of public and professional awareness about important cancer warning signs 7. Access to accurate cancer diagnosis, appropriate cancer treatments, supportive care, rehabilitation services and palliative care will have improved for all patients worldwide 8. Effective pain control measures will be available universally to all cancer patients in pain 9. The number of training opportunities available for health professionals in different aspects of cancer control will have improved significantly 10. Emigration of health workers with specialist training in cancer control will have reduced dramatically 11. There will be major improvements in cancer survival rates in all countries To learn more about how the 2020 targets can be achieved, click here: Join us and sign the Declaration letting the world know that you are determined to meet the challenge of cancer. Any information you enter here will be seen only by HGEI staff and used exclusively for statistical purposes. We appreciate as much information as you can provide, but only your first and last name and country are required to sign the Declaration.
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