Who is working on agricultural biodiversity?

If you are promoting an activity on agricultural biodiversity we would like to know more from you! Many organizations are organizing seed fairs or food festivals. Others are setting up community seed banks or are engaged in participatory varietal evaluation, participatory plant breeding or recovering old crops or trying out new ones. Some organizations set up agrobiodiversity related self-help groups and a plethora of other activities. In some cases these practices represent important instruments to support communities in coping better with climate change. Given this wealth of experiences, we believe that it will be useful to make more use of the Internet to exchange knowledge. We intend to make a start on this by collecting information on "Who is doing what with agricultural biodiversity". We will then use this to identify needs and to try out new ways of sharing information using modern technology. We invite you to take part in a very short survey, available further down. The information collected will be treated with confidentiality, not shared with third parties without your permission and used only for research purposes. This survey is also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese Follow the link www.bioversityinternational.org/survey to find links to the survey in the other languages. For any further information do not hesitate in letting us know by writing us an email. Kind regards, Paul Bordoni and Sebastian Pinzon Gonzalez Paul Bordoni (Bioversity-Rome) e-mail: p.bordoni@cgiar.org Bioversity International uses agricultural biodiversity to improve people's lives. We carry out global research to seek solutions for three key challenges: Sustainable Agriculture, Nutrition and Conservation. www.bioversityinternational.org
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