September 2012 Little Fancy Pants Photo Contest

- 1 Entry per person/email address is allowed every 24 hours until September 20th at 6pm eastern standard time. Winner will be announced September 20th, at 8pm eastern standard time. - Please enter your full email address, otherwise the vote will not be counted. Entering your email address will just be to verify that you are a "real" person voting and not a bot voting over and over, your email will not be used for any other purpose (no spam!). - You can find the photo # by clicking on the picture itself in the facebook album. - The entries to this form will be added to a spreadsheet, and after voting closes we will check to make sure all email addresses are complete, delete the lines on the spreadsheet of emails that seem to be fake if there are any (such as but not limited to: "") - Once we have completed that step, we will use to choose the line # on the spreadsheet for the winner. The more entries made for a photo the better chance of winning. This needed to be done to make it more fair, and so that we do not violate any facebook rules of conduct.
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