SSBM at EVO Training Signups!

The door to the best SSBM players in the world is open to you. Your contributions are ultimately going to the fight against Breast Cancer, a cause that we can all stand behind. We sincerely appreciate your donations and can't wait to offer our services in thanks. Together, let's continue to support BCRF and get Melee onto the EVO main stage. Details: *Sign-ups close at 11:00pm Pacific on January 31, 2013. *You can choose any player you like, but we can only guarantee the confirmed players, which you can find here: *Each donation amount ($50, $30, or $20) is good for 2-3 games, or about 15 minutes of gameplay, for that player. For best results, tell us where you would like us to focus our time. *Requests will be fulfilled as players are available, and roughly in the order of donations made, aired on stream, published on YouTube, and sent to you as a video file. *If you're available when we are live, you can ABSOLUTELY join the call! *In cases where you REALLY want a particular player but REALLY can't afford it, rates are negotiable! Share your sob story in the "special requests" field :P *If you have any additional questions, post them to the MIOM Facebook Group -
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