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Please fill in this simple form. specify best way to follow back (phone, email, face to face). We will contact you shortly. AnDevCamp Sponsorship Package: Diamond Sponsor: $4000: Event main sponsor and grand prize Nominate 1 judges Present the Grand Prize Keynote at opening or closing Gift to every attendees Two Dedicated blast & blog post Biggest logo in all marketing marketing materials among all sponsors. Platinum Sponsor $2000 Present the Prize Give opening remarks at the event or the awards ceremony Listed as event sponsor Nominate 1 judges. One dedicated email blast and blog post Sponsored tech sessions Gold Sponsor $1000 Opening remark at award ceremony or Hackathon event Listed as sponsor of SV Android Meetup Speak at the award ceremony Present the specialized reward by your company rep. Name listed at award certificate. Two Gold sponsors will share a table All sponsors: Logo on all marketing materials, including but not limited to: website, promotional materials, video, and so on table at the site.
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