Boom Box in da Boon Dox Camp Competition Registration 2013!

Congrats to the winners of 2012 (Serious Camp & Infinity 6 Camp). This year we have some fun stuff planned out, so here are some things you need to know. 1st- Your Camp must have a Flag or Banner with your camp name on it and displayed through the duration of the festival! 2nd- Your camp must be part of the Parade (I.E: ready at 3:30pm at the Boomin Stage Sat ready to walk behind the main float!) We have a daily Parade rolles out @ the Boomin Stage 4pm and goes to vendor village. 3rd- You only have to register your camp if you want to be part of the Camp Competition. 4th- Themed Registered Camps get a choice of reserved areas which we have reserved only for Registered Themed Camps (1st come first serve) ( Winners of last year get the spot by the Boonies Stage) 5th- Winners of 2013 will receive 10 Free Passes to Boom Box in da Boon Dox 2014 and a reserved spot at the Boonies Stage! Plus being boasted and bragging rights! 6th- Were looking for camps that participate in the festivals functions, camps that bring fun things for everyone to enjoy, pride in your camp, outfits and costumes, things that glow and light up, Smiles and awsome attitudes, a cool campsite, and shinnanigans is a must! 7th- There are limited camp sites for themed camps so we will let you know if your registration is excepted via E-Mail.. Good Luck! ( You and your group will need to buy regular tickets, discounted Pre-Sales available @ )
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