Do you enjoy online shopping?

Hello, I am currently pursuing my PhD and conducting a marketing research on the online shopping experience, therefore this survey is meant to provide a better understanding of Internet purchasing. The survey can be completed on an average of 5 minutes and your responses are fully confidential. If you you have any interest in the results of this research and wish to receive an analysis, please provide your email in the last section of this survey and I would be happy to offer you a report via email! Thank you very much for your time and your valuable input!

Shopping online saves me time
The Internet is the best place to find bargains
The Internet is the best place to buy items that are hard to find
My general opinion of e-commerce is positive
Using the internet to make purchases is a good idea
I am very skilled at online shopping.
I consider myself very knowledgeable about online shopping.
Using the web to shop is a great challenge for me.
I find that online shopping stretched my capabilities to the limits.
I like to browse online shopping websites and find out new things about the latest products.

...will commit fraud and swindle?
...will offer products that will not perform as expected?

I think that online shopping is very useful to my life in general
I think that online shopping is helpful to improve my performance on the internet.
I think that online shopping is helpful to enhance effectiveness of my life.
I find online shopping clear and understandable
I find that online shopping does not require a lot of mental effort
I find online shopping easy to use