HEET's New Energy-Saving How-to Book

"The Honest Book of Home Energy Saving for New England" will cover all the info HEET has learned over the years to help you target which tasks in your home will reduce your energy use most effectively. We will give you top-level honest advice, acting as mavens to help you find the best deals. The book should be available around the middle of November. It will be an e-book so you can click on links, get our great discounts on materials, and access our energy-saving calculators to calculate the best actions for you to take. The book will have easy to understand how-to directions and clear photos. If you hate reading books on a screen, you can print it out. Sign up below if you want to be told when the book gets released. We'll email you the links to Amazon, iTunes and other sites where you can buy it. At that point you can look through a few chapters to see if you really want it.
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